Fast Food Will Kill You

Aubrey H., Staff

Is Fast Food Addicting?

Fast food is very addicting and could be life threatening. There are added chemicals that stimulate your brain to make you crave it as well as make it taste better. Both MSG and casein chemicals are in most fast food. They do this to attract more people and make them gain weight then the spend their money on dieting plans and after losing so much weight, the cycle starts over and this earns the companies so much money. The fast food franchises start early with children by advertising toys and it’s the start of them becoming obese. Junior, Cameron Sena says, “I think it’s only good when it’s convenient but it’s not good to always go to everyday and because it’s cheap, more people have more than they are supposed to.” Too much of anything could harm you, but when you have too much of something that’s already not good for you it can be very dangerous. It’s very upsetting when parents feed their children fast food most of the time, because they are so young, the food has a bigger impact on them and can give them early health problems. Junior, Kate Burgoa says, “fast food places are addictive because they make their prices cheap and put it all together very quick. It’s a good place to go to for food when you are on a budget or in a rush. The food they have is also very good, which makes people want more of it and crave it.” The next time you are ordering, just be sure to think about what is actually in the food that makes it so irresistible.