Trumps Wall Is Not Worth It


Jarrod W., Staff

Trump’s wall is not necessary. In the beginning, he told everyone that Mexico was going to pay for it, so why is he asking taxpayers to now foot the bill. In the end, the wall is a stupid idea that would further bankrupt the USA. It’s true that America needs better immigration policies but a wall dividing us from Mexico is not the answer. 


President Trump claimed in his campaign that Mexico would pay for a wall that separates our two countries. This is difficult as the Mexican president flat out refused to, this leaves Trump pushing taxpayers to pay for this unneeded wall. 3.2 billion dollars of America’s money is going towards the wall and he still wants another 10 billion to complete it.  


This money could be put towards other things like health care to help better America. However not everyone agrees with this. Freshman Matthew Moore states, “Donald Trump’s wall is worth the cost because it will help reduce the number of illegal immigrants and eventually when it is finished the money will be worth spending.” Although this is a valid point there are still some flaws in this statement.  


The wall will help prevent immigrants traveling by foot or automobile but the thought of air and sea travel has slipped past people’s minds. Illegal immigrants and drug cartels can easily travel to and enter the United States via private boat or private plane. Junior Asher Wetzel agrees and states, “There are many other entries into the USA that they can and will take.” This explains that all the wall really is, is a symbol of America trying to stop illegal immigration in a dumb and expensive way.