Juuls are dangerous


Jaydan B., Student

Juuls can be just as dangerous as cigarettes. Although, juuls are not as bad as a regular cigarette, they can still mess up your lungs and they can still put you in the hospital. Younger people, such as teens, assume that using a juul is basically harmless, and because of this teenagers are more inclined to vape. Recently teens have been getting hospitalized because of vaping, 8 teens were hospitalized due to lung damage, all were recorded to have been using a juul in the week or month prior to getting hospitalized. As well as 12 people, that were previously healthy, that have died because of vaping. Juuls are not as toxic as a cigarette, but they still contain chemicals that are harmful to your body. For example one juul pod can contain 20 cigarettes worth of nicotine, nicotine being the addictive chemical that inclines people to either vape or smoke more. And not only does nicotine make people more addicted, its also toxic having the ability to disrupt brain development, along with lung development if used at a young age.