Why “Faneto” by Chief Keef is the greatest song ever


Owen Clements, staffer

“Faneto” by Chief Keef





This video, mostly highlighted by college students hilariously falling through the roof during a party, injuring 30 partygoers and shocking hundreds, was seen as “ [kids] dancing and jumping after they heard a popular party song”. Little did most of the world know, they were listening to one of the greatest songs ever written by man, “Faneto” by Chief Keef. While this certainly was not the first time a major incident happened with this song at a party, this moment certainly set up the legend that became this song.

To first understand what made this song so popular, you first have to understand what made Chief Keef as a rapper so polarizing. By the time “Faneto” was released, Keef had already released his first studio album at 16 years old, 9 free mixtapes, worked with Kanye West, got signed with Interscope Records, and created his own label, Glory Boyz Entertainment(GBE). However, while keef was known as this great rapper, he was also seen as a big time delinquent in the eyes of the law. By 2015, Keef had faced at least 7 criminal charges (ranging from marijuana to probation violations, pointing a shotgun at a police officer, potential heroin manufacture and distribution, speeding with too many passengers in the car, etc.) He would often spend long stints on house arrest, even spending up to two months in juvenile detention at one point. In his song “Faneto” Keef talked about things such as, “ I’m ridin through New York, finna go and shoot New Jersey up”, and, well, the basis of the word “Faneto” is based on the Spanish term “finito”, which in other words means finished, like when Keef would rob someone, he would consider that Faneto after he finished the job and deserted the scene.

By the time that Faneto had released, it received some claim from his primary fans at first, but what really set the world on fire was when an incident occurred where a house floor was destroyed , with the caption under the photo on Instagram being “when you play faneto at a kickback”, which happened around November 2015, around when it first came out. The second incident, however, took place about three years later at Clemson University, where most of the fanfare of the song really began, as while the students throwing the party were all jumping up and down, the floor collapsed from underneath them, leaving about 30 people injured.

John and other people of that stature should have the greatest song on lock due to the numbers they pulled in, the fact that people would turn up so hard at parties due to just this one song playing from a rapper whom has zero footing near any of the artists mentioned, shows how truly amazing that one song is.