TikTok Interview With THE Kelly Lerza

Simone Dollar and Shelby Morgan, Staff

Simone and I woke up EXTRA early so that we could film this incredible Tik Tok with THE Kelly Lerza and then ask her some great questions so that we could enlighten you all with some interesting facts about one of the coolest teachers.

What made you decide to tech AP Human Geography?

“I was asked to teach it, I didn’t necessarily get to pick. Administration thought that I would be good working with ninth graders. As I have taught it throughout the years, I continue to learn more about it and I have found it to be very interesting.”

What is your favorite thing about being a teacher?

“I love getting to know all my students and being an advocate for them.”

How do you feel when students have their phones out while you’re teaching?

“Quick checks are okay. I don’t mind if they have it out on their desks, but when they continuously go on it and stay on it, it feels disrespectful.”