Things that need to stay in 2020!


Alyssa Arroyo

2020… an interesting year. Quarantine definitely drove loads of us crazy this previous year. With everyone inside some questionable things that came along with the already crazy 2020. Celebrities acting out, odd TikTok dances, weird new Instagram poses, and much much more. Here are a few that I don’t think should be revisited.

Outside mirror trend

During the spring of 2020 EVERYBODY was taking their mirror outside to take pictures. Why did we do that? I mean imagine how awkward it would be if your neighbor just saw you bringing a huge mirror outside to snap a couple of Instagram pictures with. It did encourage people to get out of the house which was definitely needed as this trend took place at the start of quarantine but still have to admit this whole trend was a bit strange.


Yep throw the whole couple away. This previous year Kanye has done some interesting things. His multiple Twitter rants, presidential run, and a lot more. It almost makes me feel bad for Kim, she has to defend his actions all the time. However, this couple looks like it is coming to an end anyway. There are “shockingly” rumors about a Kimye divorce. May I add there is a rumor a certain creator started on TikTok about Kanye cheating on Kim with Jeffree Star… 2021 is off to a great start.


Yes, everyone’s favorite app, it’s gotten out of control. In October, there was a Tiktok trend that had TikTokers “dancing” like wolves… I wish I was kidding. This trend went along with the song “We Own The Night” and the sound has over a million TikToks created with it. It doesn’t end there. Around May of 2020, there was a trend where people would go out of their way to buy a certain apple juice bottle to bite into because it sounded like biting into an apple. The hashtag for the trend has 227.4 million views. The quarantine boredom definitely played a bit into some of these weird Tiktok trends but still… what is this. Maybe it is time we collectively start to delete this app because it’s getting weird.