How will Halloween proceed amid the pandemic?


Halloween is just around the corner. However, people are doubtful if they can even celebrate it this year. Due to this fact, some questions have arisen. Will kids be able to trick-or-treat safely? Will people be able to hold their usual Halloween events?

A junior at Lake Mary High School shared her thoughts on how Halloween should proceed: “Just try to bring a set of gloves and a mask when you go out, and if you’re handing out candy wear gloves and a mask as well.”


Trick-or-treating is perhaps the most important and essential aspect of Halloween. Will kids be able to trick-or-treat with the circulation of Covid-19? The answer is uncertain. The CDC recently stated that traditional trick-or-treating should be avoided, instead of kids going door to door, the CDC recommends people leave out bagged candy in stations outside houses. Although some children might use this opportunity to take more candy than necessary, it’s a needed precaution. The CDC also recommends handing treats outside, washing your hands regularly, avoiding direct contact with trick-or-treaters and wearing a mask. This also goes for the trick-or-treaters themselves, who should preferably be under adult supervision so it can be made sure that they disinfect their hands.

Recommended Halloween Activities

The CDC has put forth a list of activities that are safe to practice, and other ones to avoid. Among the safe activities, there is:

-Decorating and carving pumpkins.

-Attending a corn maze or scavenger hunt in the outdoors.

-Holding an indoor Halloween movie night with household members.

Discouraged Halloween Activities

-Traditional trick-or-treating (going house to house).

-Crowded parties indoors.

-Hayrides and tractor rides with people outside your direct household.

-Indoor haunted houses.

A different Halloween

Although Halloween will certainly be different this year, there are many ways to celebrate this day without having to risk getting Covid-19. It is certainly disappointing for the people who wished to hold parties and for children that wont be able to trick-or-treat. However, there is always next year. The key to celebrating Halloween this year is keeping it simple and not going to overboard with the celebrations.