The Really Meaning of Your iPhone Color!!


What does your iPhone colors says about, based on my opinion. (YOU ALL ARE COOL IN YOUR OWN WAY)

There are the OG basic color like the sliver, black, gold, and the rose gold. Those are the OG people who stayed with the iPhone 8. You might have a couple of cracks or scratches (especially on the back of the phone).

The more recent ones like the teal, you guys tend to be the nicer, more gentle people out there. You guys are the quiet one in the back of the classes but is a fun person to hang out at the weekend- might like to do water activities.

The yellow iPhone, you guys are the out-going peoples, very out spoken as while. You’re trendy, like the baggy jeans and the cute 90’s shirts and some kind of white shoes. This phone color is rare to see around the school, so if you have one, you’re rare queen!!

If you see someone with a red iPhone, it can two kind of people. The first kind have no filter when it comes to speaking. They will tell you how it is, even if you don’t like it or not. So, if you are a sensitive person, try to stay away. And the other kind of red iPhoner, they are cool chill people who just speak when needed. Definitely have a gold chain on.

Now for my purple iPhone peeps, y’all just normal people…

Black iPhone, are you guys okay? I feel like you guys have a lot of going on in y’all life but you guys have a strong mentality and you guys keep pushing through, even when you guys NEED A BREAK!!!

Last and most importantly, the coral iPhone. Hello my aliens, kidding. You guys know how to dress, like y’all can pull anything clothing pieces. Also, very unique, rare, cool people. Knows how to have a good time, no matter where they at.