How to spot a freshman.

How to spot a freshman.

So clearly I’m talking about freshman and how they act. They all are either super short or super tall which is unlikely. They tend to say they “stand out” whatever that means. They dress really comfy like everyone else, but it’s almost like they can finally wear the outfits that they couldn’t wear in middle school. Some freshman are immature especially with their friends but a lot of them know better on some situations.  Admittedly, these are stereotypes, but sometimes there might be a bit of truth in some stereotypes.  These are the top five ways to spot a freshman at LMHS.  Written with love freshies!!!!


One — The height

I talked to Junior, Alyssa Arroyo and she said “All of the Freshies is so short.. maybe there’s something in the water.”  Granted these kids are younger than the rest of us, but were we ever this short???  The freshies have a lot of growing to do to catch up to us.






Two– The stance



“They kinda stand like the wet their pants or even worse… Super awkward and most of them look like they literally peed their pants and is trying to cover it up”- Joselyn F.  Freshies need better posture.  It might be a result of covid and having sat in a chair for 18 months, but the posture of our current crop of freshman could really be improved.  Stand tall freshies and whip that head back.







Three– The irritation


I talked to Sophomore, Hadyn Ayers and she said “Since they came from middle school, most of them still haven’t left that stage yet. They aren’t as mature as other high schoolers should be at this age. They mostly act very immature when they really shouldn’t be and start acting their age.”   Freshman seem to be visibly angry all of the time.   Granted covid has made their first year at high school a bit sad, but let’s buckle up freshies. It will improve.



Four– The aggression


“Freshman’s have caused almost every fight this school year and they fight over very childish things that could be solved in a different way. They also are very aggressive towards their friends which, yes is normal to an extent.” – Yanieliz C.





Five– The fit


“So sweats and hoodies are the comfiest clothes to wear even though I would literally fall asleep in class… Anyways this fit isn’t bad at all. I just think it’s a bit overrated but you know it is just sweats and hoodie.” -Annabelle V.