Top 5 Video Games for Bored People


Covid hasn’t killed what games we play as much as people thought.  There are still quite a few notable games that are worthy of your attention.  We came out with the top 5 best games this year to help you get through those boring classes.

NUMBER 5 — Demon Slayer is a fighting game that was inspired by Demon Slayer the show on Netflix. You can play against your friends online and story mode and there will be more game modes coming soon.

NUMBER 4 — NBA 2k22 is a game about playing in a basketball park with your friends. You can create shoes and play with Lebron and other players as well.

number 3– Madden 22 is an NFL football where you can play offline and online. It’s a game were you can play when you chill and bored. I play it to go against my friends and the game is only 40 dollars, so its affordable.

number 2– apex legends is a battle royal game that you can play with 4 random people or 4 of your friends. There are 100 people on an island and you have a character with powers and you have to survive until there are 0 people left. You have to fight all the people on the island and its every man for themselves unless your playing squads when you play with 4 people.

number 1– the last video game is GTA 5. You should probably know this game. This is my favorite game because you can free roam around the city, buy cars and other things. You can do fun stuff and just race the game. It is just fun in general, and its cheap. When its raining outside, play some GTA until it stops raining.