Maybe You Should Move to Costa Rica?


Waterfall and natural pool with turquoise water of Rio Celeste, Costa Rica

I just moved from Costa Rica a few months ago. Should you live there or here?  I’ll go over the best and worst of both countries.

Costa Rica is one of the best places in the world to go on vacations, but how would it be living there as a teenager or young adult. In Costa Rica there is no middle school, after 6 grade you go straight to high school, that is a good opportunity to make long-term friends, besides u are with the same classmates every day for every class, so if u don’t like them or they don’t like you, well… too bad you are stuck with them for the rest of the year and very possible for the rest of high school. But usually you a make a good long-term bond with them.

After school people often go out with there friends, but where? Costa Rica is a very small country, so there is not that many options as in U.S but there are a lot things to do, the most often picked by teenagers is going to mall and just chill there, maybe eat something, watch a movie, hang out at ur friend’s house, but if you are someone that likes to feel adrenaline you can go on the weekends, for example, zip lining, go hiking to mountains, go to a waterfall, visit an animal rescue centers, kayaking, extreme outside activities, go to a river…

A lot of people go to the beach in the weekends, in Costa Rica there is so many beaches to go and all of them are like a paradise, full of hot sand, warm salty water and a lot of wildlife which is pretty cool.

Costa Rica is a place where is full of nature, full of life and full of plants, but that is the things that you notice when you are on vacations, for a short period of time, but, if you stay longer you’ll notice the flaws of the country.

The Costa rican government is not very helpful in fact in Costa Rica has been a lot of protests lately about the rights of women because of the big amount of harassment, assaults, and murders against women, which the government replies with “Women should cover more to avoid this situations”.

The educational system its also not the best, its way harder and difficult and the test are very hard to past, there two tests required for graduation (in Costa Rica doesn’t exist grade 12th) the you take the first one in 10th and if you fail it you take it the next year, but is more difficult because that same year you have to the the second one that is a long and big test with all the knowledge since 1st grade that you are suppose to know, most of the people don’t past 1/2 of the tests.

But I definitely think that people should experience living in other places because most of the teenagers stay in the same place forever and moving constantly has taught me that living in other environments definitely change your perspective in all the