Christmas Isn’t the Same


Remember the long long night of Christmas eve, putting out milk and cookies, wearing your Christmas pjs, trying to listen for the reindeers on the roof, and not being able to fall asleep. Waking up at 5 in the morning anxious to wake up your parents and open your presents.After opening all your presents, you spend all day playing with your new toys.

As we grow up and learn that Santa is just a myth Christmas isn’t as exciting. Parents try to hold on to Santa for a long time and this just makes it more disappointing when the truth come out. We still wait all year for the day we get spoiled, but its no longer magical. We ask for more practical things like clothes and shoes instead of hot wheels and Barbie’s. After the presents are all opened, it doesn’t feel like Christmas anymore.

How has Christmas changed for you as you’ve grown up?

Kalani Colendres- “Ever since my parents told me Santa wasn’t real the whole vibe of Christmas is completely different. It makes me so sad to see that our childhood is ending.”

Hannah Meador- “My parents weren’t big on Santa taking all the credit so they told me when i was around 6 he wasn’t real. So i think Christmas is more about family then the magic of Santa.”

The universal experience of the magic of Santa dying has kids not as excited for Christmas. Knowing that their whole idea of it come from a lie. Even though Christmas has changed that doesn’t mean it was for the worse. Now we know that its our family giving gifts so we are more thankful towards them. The magic of Christmas is still there we just have to look at it a little bit differently now.