Which Backyardigan character are you based on these simple questions?

Which Backyardigan character are you based on these simple questions?

The Backyardigans is an iconic TV show for children. The show is filled with super cool characters that each have their own personalities, but which character aligns closely to you?? Below are ways to identify which character you are.

Do you like to be the leader in group projects? Do you often worry about others and do everything you can to help them? Do you face challenges without fear? Do you enjoy adventure? Are you funny and compassionate? If so….. you are UNIQUA!!!! She is a lovely pink color and is an extremely bold personality. She is extremely cool and energetic, she is an amazing problem solver with tons of compassion. She is the loyal leader and does anything to make sure her friends are okay.  We love Uniqua!


Are you the shy kid in the back of the class? Do you tend to be more independent? Are you often shy? Do you constantly put others before yourself? Do you prefer to stay stay out of the spot light? If so…… you are AUSTIN!! HE is a cool purple colored kangaroo! If you related to this questions it means you are super shy but extremely sweet, you don’t really like to be the center of attention and prefer to watch drama happen from the sideline. You are super loyal and are always there when your friends need a helping hand, everyone needs a friend like AUSTIN!


Do you tend to openly express your femininity? Are you someone who tends to be skeptical of many things? Do you think with your head first instead of your heart? DO you always laugh and have fun with your friends? If so….you are… TASHA!!! Tasha is a sassy yellow hippo with an amazing sense of style! If you relate to these questions then this is the character for you! You have a super sweet exterior but on the inside you can be pretty hard headed but that is totally okay. You think with your head and use logic in situations that need it. You tend to bring your friends crazy imagination down to earth and help them use their brains. Everyone needs a Tasha to have fun and think reasonably.


Do you like word puzzles or mystery games? Do you like to challenge yourself  with new things that really make you think? Do you have an amazing best friend?  Are you insanely smart and chill? If so… you are.. TYRONE!!!  Tyrone a is super chill orange moose! If you relate to these you are an extremely logical thinker who probably gets high grades in school. Everyone wants to be your friend and comes to you when they need someone level headed to help them out with any situation. You like to challenge yourself and sometimes push yourself too hard, you deserve a vacation.


Are you amazing? Do you have an amazing style? Are you the definition of swag? Are you the coolest person on the block?? Do you shine above everyone else? Is your personality a 10000000/10? If so…. You are…. PABLO!! If you said yes to all of those questions you are definitely Pablo.. He is a super cool blue penguin with so much swag, you are super cool and fun and everyone wants to be your friend. There is literally no one who hates you and if they do its because they are jealous. EVERYONE wants to be you.