Survive the Talking Stage


We have all been there. So your talking to someone, but not dating them. Hate to break it to you but you’re in the talking stage. Some people may like the talking stage others dread it. It can feel like it goes on and on forever, or it can be somewhat enjoyable. In my opinion, it’s the worst.  Luckily, I can help you survive the talking stage with some simple tips.

The one thing everyone says during the talking stage is to stay chill. For real though stay chill. People say a guy can smell desperation from a mile away. Because if your only a little amount of clingy a boy can automatically notice. So be chill and calm. You should show interest in them but not show your obsessed. Which I know a-lot of girls struggle with. You should give them compliments and show internet but don’t freak them out when they don’t text back fast enough or don’t answer. The best thing to do is if they aren’t answering you don’t worry about it and move on.

Secondly, express your interest. Show that you have feelings for them. Don’t get too involved in your feelings until they do. And you are on the  same page. Boys feel pressure to start a relationship if you are too pushy. A relationship implies commitment and the fact that you mention him can make him feel pressure on him and make him just not want to be in one. Let him be the first one to mention a relationship first so you know what he wants.

Also remember, to take things slow Go with the flow. Don’t try to push for commitment or a relationship or even too much of his time, too fast because then it won’t feel original. Taking things slow always have a good outcome and if it doesn’t they probably aren’t the right person for you. Get to know him. Don’t give away too many details about yourself too fast and let there be mysteriousness about you.

Overall, the talking stage is wear you get to know a person better and learn more about them. And in the end if something happens or not they just aren’t the person for you.