Are Sports Doomed Due to Covid-19?

September 14, 2020

Covid-19 has impacted many sport teams around the world . As a result, many student athletes wonder how their teams will proceed through this obstacle. Most importantly though, how big teams will manage to reduce contagion risk?

There is not one universal way that schools and clubs are deciding to manage their activities. While some schools decided to shut down all sports completely, others have decided to go forth with them. However, some have only allowed certain sports to go ahead. This has sparked heated debate between people since they consider it unfair for some sports to remain cancelled while others go through. It also brings up a question that people have asked a multitude of times. Why are some schools allowing football to proceed whilst barring other contact sports from doing so? This could be due to the popularity of football, which far outweighs the popularity of other contact sports. If football were less popular, it would be cancelled as well.

Safety procedures within teams

Many have pondered if it is possible to remain safe playing sports during corona virus. Some clubs and schools have developed certain safety procedures to try to prevent the virus. These measures are mostly along the lines of mandatory masks, sanitizer on site and the washing of equipment after use. Some also apply temperature checks and distancing alongside these measures. These factors do not guarantee safety since avoiding exposure is hard around multiple people. The CDC recommends that people try to minimize the risk of infection by trying to keep teams as small as possible. The CDC discourages competitions between different sport teams. This is due to the fact that the risk factor rises among a multitude of people from different schools.

Public thoughts

Many people have come forth with their opinions on the procedures taking place: “I think many sports teams are adjusting and making good changes in order to keep athletes safe.” Stated one student athlete. “Our team is taking good measures and is following the social distancing guidelines by having us not row in bigger boats and having us wipe down all the equipment.”Another athlete stated: “As a whole, I think our team is doing as much as they can to be safe and maintain a productive environment. By having us wear masks during our warmup and wiping down equipment after each use, we can take extra precautions to promote the overall safety and well-being of the team.” On the other hand, some have expressed their concerns. “I think sports is a bad idea because certain spots, like football, require players to be less than 6 feet apart.” Commented a student. “They can expose both themselves and their teammates to the virus.”

In case of infection

Teams also strongly discourage student athletes from showing up to practice if they feel sick. They also require students to stay at home for three weeks + if diagnosed with Covid-19. Physicians must also give clearance to the athlete after their symptoms clear up. Parents, coaches and fellow athletes are also required to be on the lookout for signs of infection.


Others ponder if people will be able to attend games and competitions. The answer for now, is unclear and dependent on the school. Certain schools have permitted masked and socially distanced bystanders at games. Some have lowered the maximum capacity of people allowed. Other teams have even gone ahead as to cancel most of their competitions for fall season.


Covid-19 has affected many teams and their dynamics. It has also foiled many plans for competitions and seasons. People won’t be able to function like they used to in their sport. This may result in a feeling of hollowness for the student athlete. They may feel like there is no point to their training. Perhaps when spring season rolls around, sports will be in a better state and athletes will be able to resume their normal ways.

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