The Rampage

2019-2020 Staff

Andrew LoMedico


My name is Andrew LoMedico, and I am 17 years old and am a senior at Lake Mary High School. I love playing lacrosse and watching a good movie. I hope to go to UNH or UMASS Amherst to study business, and eventually work in my family...

Molly Clemens


Molly is currently a junior and will graduate in 2021! She loves competing on the speech and debate team, being an officer of the Art Appreciation Club, and volunteering as a lawyer at the Seminole County Teen Court. She enjoys...

Rahyd Nunez


This is Rahyd, Rahyd is currently a freshmen of lmhs , and he's class of 2023. Rahyd enjoys watching and play soccer, Rahyd's from Peru and American, he love's watching Netflix all day.

Sofia Treffiletti


Sofia is a freshman who aspires to become a veterinarian or a cardio-thoracic surgeon. Sofia enjoys playing soccer as right midfield. She's been doing this for 7 years. She comes from an Italian family and loves to watch Netflix;...



Anjelica is currently a junior at Lake Mary High School, class of 2021. She has been playing soccer for 12 years. Anjelica is very passionate for the arts. She aspires o become a lawyer and to study in the law of child advocacy....

Alex Nunez


I'm a senior here at Lake Mary. I want to be a marine biologist and I moved to USA when I was 3 from Mexico. I enjoy the outdoors and playing soccer for Orlando City. I also enjoy going fishing and eating all kinds of food.  

Owen Clements


I am Owen Clements, and I am a senior here at Lake Mary. I watch a lot of old movies, I watch documentaries on decades before me so that I could get a great sense of what life was before my time, and I read a lot of Japanese manga....

Sophia Allem


Hi my name is Sophia Allem and I'm a freshman at Lake Mary High school. A hobby of mine are riding horses! I compete in show jumping and I've been riding since I was 4 yrs old. I really like to eat if you couldn't tell. My favorite...

Cody Merron


I'm a freshmen at LMHS, and I was born in Syracuse, New York. I am currently a volunteer at Pet Alliance of Greater Orlando and I have three amazing shelter pets. I want to be a veterinarian because I love working with animals...

Juliun Pontoni


I'm currently in 9th Grade. I was born on May 26th, 2004 in Kalamazoo, Michigan. I didn't live in Michigan for long, we moved down to Florida for the weather and things to do. We still visit Michigan often for family. In my free...

Saniya Powell


I am 14 years old. I love anything that has do with the arts such as dancing, drawing, etc. After high school, I have big plans for myself to go to college for psychology and then attend a law school. With anything that I do I...



I am a freshman at Lake Mary High School. Born in Orlando and raised in Altamonte Springs Florida, and currently 15 years old. My hobbies are sleeping, shopping, and dance. Even though I love to shop, I'm normally impulsive and...

Emily Pittington


I am a freshman at LMHS. I am 15 years old and I do competitive cheer.I like to draw, hangout with my friends, listen to music, and watch Netflix. When I graduate high school I hope to go to a good collage and maybe become a vet....

Taylor McConnell


Im Taylor, I'm energetic and very positive. Also I'm LGBT (that pic was 3 years ago i don't really look the same as it anymore) but don't let that weird you out I'm a really nice person once you know me. I'm not really a fighter,...

Isis Jenkins


Isis is a New York baby born on April 28, 2004. She love tacos and watching 90210. She has an interest in becoming a nurse and teaching. I am going to nursing school to be a RN after high school.

Nahyomi Pabon Rivera


I enjoy playing volleyball with other people such as friends and family. I like to eat a lot when I'm bored and I'm pretty lazy at many things. I have four siblings and two dogs. I don't like being in hot weather for too long...

Breanna Moya


I'm a Junior at LMHS. I was born in Miami, FL and have a passion for photography. My hobbies include art, music, and reading. I enjoy trying new things whether it has to do with my current hobbies or finding new ones. I enjoy...

Bradley Hager


I am currently 17 years old. I attend lake Mary high school class of 2021. I love to work on cars and enter my car into car shows because I put a lot of time and money into it. In the near future  I want to attend the University...

Kalina Cholakova


I am a sophomore at Lake Mary High school. I am a rhythmic gymnast and dancer. I have been doing Rhythmic Gymnastics for 11 years and competed for the junior olympics 2015-2016 and 2016-2017. And as currently, I coach at 2 gyms...

Madison Sabatino


Madison, a sophomore, loves animals, and advocates for them through multiple programs in the community. She enjoys skateboarding, playing piano, singing, and baking. She is a dedicated student who loves to help others, and always...

Kate Kehoe


I am 14 years old. I have a twin sister and our birthday is March 16th. I love to dance and cheer. I have traveled to many different states for dance and cheer competitions. My favorite place to travel is New York and California....

Ashlyn McGraw


I'm 15 years old. I love volleyball and John Hughes films and after graduating in 2022 one day I hope to attend college somewhere in California studying Marine Biology. I have one sibling Dane McGraw that is 20 and currently attends...

Michael Melson


Im 17 years old, born in Bronx, New York and moved here when I was 8. I started my high school year at Seminole high school and transferred here halfway through freshman year. Love to play basketball and travel with friends. As...



My name is Vincenzo, and I like to be active. I enjoy spending time with my friends and riding bikes. I also really enjoy driving. I bought a bike rack for my car so i could travel to skate parks. I also enjoy listening to music...

Olivia Boni


Olivia Boni is a freshman at LMHS and a proud member of the class of 2023. Olivia plays softball and has been playing for the past two years. Her aspiration in life is to become a Marine Biologist. She comes from an Italian and...

Veniamin Zinurov

Staff writer

My name is Veniamin Zinurov, and I am from Russia. I came to the USA 3 years ago and when I came here I didn't know any English so I'm still learning it. I like playing sports and soccer is my favorite. I play video games and...

Maya gonzalez


My Name is Maya and I am a junior at Lake Mary High School, I like to write, hang out with my friends and go swimming at the beach. My favorite school topic is history because I find it interesting and it is easy to remember the...


Staff Writer

JJ Holmes is 15 years old and in the ninth grade. He is proud to be disabled. He is known for getting kicked out of a rump rally. Also, he has met a few presidents. His favorite food is chocolate ice cream.  When he grows up,...

Brynn Witham


Brynn is a freshman at LMHS, and in the class of 2023. She plays softball for the school with Coach Fisher and her friends. Brynn has 4 dogs, including two German shepherds and two Irish wolfhounds all starting with the letter...



Shelby is currently a junior, and spends the majority of her free time doing her homework and hanging out with family and friends. Her dream job is to become a journalist who travels the globe writing stories about people's lives...

Nicole Jaramillo


Nicole is a freshman and is her first year as a staff member of The Rampage. She enjoys listening to music, hanging out with friends, and helping out others. She also enjoys reading and writing about horror stories and scary to...

Zainab Mulla

Editor in Chief

Zainab is a senior, who aspires to go to UF and major in Computer Science. Zainab enjoys spending her time with her friends, watching t.v., and teaching. Zainab teaches at her religion classes, she teaches 4th and 5th grade. Zainab...

Evanna N.


Born and raised in Florida, I am very interested in hot topics and letting the truth be known. Detailed-oriented, responsible, and a committed writer. I am eminently excited to begin my journey writing phenomenal articles for...



Simone is a freshman this year, and one day wants to be a Physical Therapist. She grew up in dance and still trains around thirty hours a week, in all styles of dance. Simone has competitively danced all around the country and...



I am in 10th grade. If I'm gonna be really honest with you this school is pretty cool. I came here for video work. What I love to do is video work, editing photos, 3D modeling, creating thumbnails and more not tryin to flex but...

Samantha Cruz-Ricci

Editor In Chief

Samantha aka Sam is a senior, Class of 2020. She's a Californian who moved to Deerfield Beach in 2016, then she moved from Deerfield Beach to Sanford on August 1, 2018. Sam has a chihuahua mix called Ginger. She's trilingual,...