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Is Shein Worth It?

Is Shein Worth It?

Johaliz Colon, Staff May 17, 2024

Cheap clothes, cute accessories, and short delivery who wouldn’t want that? Some people don't, there have been accusations of child labor and copyright infringement towards Shein. Still thousands of...

Lake Mary isnt so bad afterall

Lake Mary isn’t so bad afterall

Nari C, Staff May 17, 2024

Lake Mary, Florida, is like stepping into a world of endless possibilities. Even though it might not have the flashy appeal of other cities in Florida, Lake Mary is a town that has a charm that sneaks...

Are Kids Growing Up Too Fast?

Are Kids Growing Up Too Fast?

Abby Bellamy, Staff May 17, 2024

We’ve all heard adults reminisce about how things were so different when they were young, but they might have a point. Nowadays, wherever you go you’re sure to find a little kid with the latest iPhone...

My Trip To New York City

My Trip To New York City

Clara Edwards, Staff May 6, 2024

New York City is one of the most popular cities in the world. The tourists are everywhere filling the streets everyday. There are a lot of places to visit and things to see that you usually don't see when...

Taylor Swifts The Tortured Poets Department Review

Taylor Swift’s “The Tortured Poets Department” Review

Abby Bellamy May 6, 2024

Taylor Swift’s 11th album The Tortured Poets Department is already breaking records on streaming platforms like Spotify, where it became the most streamed album in a single day, surpassing 300 million...

Its The Rapture! - Eclipse Panic

“It’s The Rapture!” – Eclipse Panic

Cassidy Williams, Staff April 22, 2024

Whenever an eclipse rolls around, especially a total one in the U.S.  It's a very big deal. Eclipses aren’t new, most people have experienced 1 or more in their lives. However, for some reason, this...

Are the Oscars Rigged?

Are the Oscars Rigged?

Cassidy Williams, Staff April 10, 2024

Whenever the Oscars roll around each year, I’ve always heard people debating if the winners are actually accurate, or just biased. It can be hard to deduce the truth since so many people are biased towards...

Season 6 Love is Blind Review

Season 6 Love is Blind Review

Johaliz Colon, Staff April 10, 2024

Season six brings 30 singles from Charlotte, North Carolina. This season is full of betrayals, lies, and, of course, “no”s at the altar that shows the drama and entertainment this series brings to...

Prom Outfits Can Eat Up Your $$$

Prom Outfits Can Eat Up Your $$$

Brock zenrick March 7, 2024

In the whirl of excitement of prom it's very easy to forget the cost of attending such an event. There's the outfit, shoes, and maybe makeup depending on you. When you consider all the possible prom cost,...

Your $$$  To Save or To Spend?

Your $$$ To Save or To Spend?

Gabi Bakker, Staff March 7, 2024

Money is one of the hardest things to keep as a teen, with the constant allure of going out to eat and buying things money is as hard to keep as it is to get. Many teens get part time jobs to remedy their...

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