The Rampage

Ian Mikardo High, the school with no rules.

Ian Mikardo High, the school with no rules.

Luna Brown, Staff September 14, 2022

"Come with a past, leave with a future." This is the motto of Ian Mikardo High school, a school for boys, ages 11-16, who's behavioral problems have led to their expulsion from previous mainstream schools....

Good Games to Play When Youre Anxious

Good Games to Play When You’re Anxious

Chloe Cursi May 24, 2022

A lot of people have different ways to cope with anxiety. Some options include writing, singing, reading books, art, etc. One of my personal favorite ways to calm down is playing video games. There are...

Ladies, Were Heading to Ukraine!

Ladies, We’re Heading to Ukraine!

Alyssa Arroyo, Staff April 18, 2022

The Russia vs. Ukraine conflict has gotten to the point where mentions of WW3 have been thrown around. The last world war started 83 years ago so if we were to enter another one things would certainly...

Top 5 Starbucks Drinks

Top 5 Starbucks Drinks

Hadyn Ayers, Staff April 18, 2022

Starbucks constantly is changing their drink menus to keep things fresh. The question is whether the new choices are worthy successors to our favorites or do they suck?   The Rampage forced a Lake Mary...

Youre Addicted - You Need To Stop Looking Down

You’re Addicted – You Need To Stop Looking Down

Natalie Zuzunaga March 9, 2022

When you walk through a high school hallway, what do you see? I guarantee that the first thing you see are people looking down. I know it sounds crappy, but it's a problem. Teens usually have an average...

Braces vs. Invisalign

Braces vs. Invisalign

Aliyah Ganas, Staff March 1, 2022

When you smile, do kids scream in fear?  You might need braces.   If so, then you have options: typically traditional metal or the fancy-schmancy Invisalign or perhaps the cheapo knock-offs you might...

Euphoria Glamorizes Drugs?!?

Euphoria Glamorizes Drugs?!?

Alyssa Arroyo, Staff March 1, 2022

Euphoria is one of the biggest shows out there right now, it has drawn in 13.1 million viewers this season alone. The show however has drawn in some criticism for its portrayal of drug addiction. D.A.R.E...

Death by Peanut:  Are You About to Die?

Death by Peanut: Are You About to Die?

Tristan Berry, Staff February 4, 2022

I just got stung by a bee and nearly died.  It was excruciating.  I was in a world of pain and misery for a week.  It might happen to you too. This actually wasn't as bad as I'm making it sound, but...

Waterfall and natural pool with turquoise water of Rio Celeste, Costa Rica

Maybe You Should Move to Costa Rica?

January 28, 2022

I just moved from Costa Rica a few months ago. Should you live there or here?  I'll go over the best and worst of both countries. Costa Rica is one of the best places in the world to go on vacations,...

Failed Athletes: Kids Who Drop Sports

Failed Athletes: Kids Who Drop Sports

Hadyn Ayers, Staff December 10, 2021

LMHS is an exceptional school for sports, but we also have a lot of failed athletes -- kids who maybe spent several years learning a sport only to end it when they start high school.  As high school sports...

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