Bad Haircuts For Men


Bad haircuts will ruin your life. Maybe not that strong, but they will make you feel like your life is ruined.  Everyone goes through it.  You go to that barber or stylist and someone screws up your look.  Here are some of the worst haircuts for guys nowadays.


Mullets are a now very trendy haircut that has become very popular in todays society. The problem with mullets is that it very very rarely ends up looking how you want it to. Many guys have started to try out and experiment with the trend, however almost no one is able to pull it off. Typically men start to look like they have a rat tail on the back of their head when they have a mullet.


Bowl Cuts are absolutely the worst cut on this list by far. It is such a bad cut that no matter what your group of friends especially the boys will always end up flaming you. The cut is never something that one asks for willingly it is always a cut that a barber accidently gives. I have never in my life heard of anyone ask for the cut and the reason for this is because it really does make you look like you have a bowl on your head.


The Edgar Cut is a cut that I can say this with 100% confidence that I have never seen anyone with a popping Edgar Cut that actually fits them well. The Edgar cut is a cut that is very trendy in the Latin American community however it is unfortunately a horrible cut. The reason being is that whenever you must up the courage to ask your barber for the Edgar they immediately think to themselves I will be giving this kid a bowl cut.


Freshman Aubree Reynolds said, ” Bad haircuts are horrible because they not only ruin your hair, they also ruin your face when the cut is botched. In my opinion, the bowl cut is the worst cut by far to have. If my boyfriend ever got a cut a cut that looked remotely close to that, I think that I would break up with him right there on the spot.”


I suggest that boys you get a nice and trusty barber that can give you a guaranteed fresh cut every time you go to them.