Seminole County’s Candy Drama


I believe we should re-open the School Store.

Information (background)

LMHS’s PTSA School Store has been shut down semi-permanently, as have similar stores across Seminole County.  Allegedly due to a parent complaint, officials recognized that these stores have been breaking federal standards for the food that is allowed to be sold and served in schools. Despite rumors, this is not a new rule. “Smart Snack Standards” have been around since 2014.

The Official Smart Snacks Nutrition Standards starts by defining several important terms:

“Competitive Foods” are any foods that are for sale to students, on the school campus, during the school day. [includes cafeterias, vending machines, school stores, fundraisers, and more]

For “Sale” means that the food is exchanged for money or an equivalent (such as tickets, coupons, or tokens).

The “school day” ranges from the midnight before to 30 minutes after school dismissal. So, no, you cannot sell candy at 2:21pm. But, concession sales at school events do not count. So our football games and plays are safe.

There are no exceptions in the rules that would allow for candy (chocolate bars, skittles, m&ms, etc) to be sold. Sorry snackers… However, there are several exceptions that would allow for some brands of chips, drinks, and many other kinds of snack foods.

Opinion/Rant (conclusion: BYOS)

I think there is a lot of hypocrisy involved with this issue. No one party is at fault for childhood obesity. Parents give their kids fast food and school cafeterias aren’t really known for having the healthiest food options plus school stores and fundraisers make sugar readily available to any child with a $5 bill. But, rules are rules. Our county’s schools have to follow federal law, even if we don’t like it.

In conclusion, I believe we should re-open the school store, this time in compliance with the Smart Snack Standards. We can still have many of our favorite snacks at lunch and the PTSA can still get fundraiser money. This is not as big of an issue as it has been made to be. We’re in high school. If you really want candy that bad, go to the store?? This isn’t about us. This is about the kids in elementary and middle school who are seriously lacking in self control when it comes to sugar. Bring Your Own Snacks.