At the time I’m writing this, we only have 50 days left. No one wants to do anything anymore. We don’t want to study as hard. We don’t want to go to our classes. Most of us know where we’re going after high school I guess, either college or maybe some fast food job.

So are we going to give up? Our responsible side tells us, “Let’s buckle down and get it done on a high note. Boost our grades up just in time and finish school with amazing grades.”  Our senioritus side says, “you’ve worked hard enough. Relax. Why bother?  I’m tired.”   So which side are you going to follow?

All our senior privileges have been nice. Senior release: so we can get out a little earlier to beat traffic. Senior lunch: every Wednesday block we get to leave campus for lunch. The best privilege is we end the year 15 days before everyone else this year. Our last day is May 12th and everyone else gets out May 27th.

Senior year went by really fast. It’s kind of sad how it’s almost over. Everyone is counting down the days but I wish the days go a little slower because we have so many responsibilities to take after we graduate and can’t really be kids anymore.

Let’s enjoy the last few weeks and end the year on a happy note. Class of 2020.