The Underclassmen Experience


Today is different. The Rampage wants to hear from the freshies and their thoughts on LMHS and life as the underdog.

What’s it like being an Underclassmen?

Sabrina: “It’s rough, especially when you’re a sophomore, its somewhat fun. Its bearable.

Sarah: “Its actually pretty good, its not to hard my classes are fairly easy.”

Derrick: “It sucks we get looked down upon sometimes and are seen as inferior by the upperclassmen.”

Do you look up to your Upperclassmen counterparts?

Sabrina: “Some of them are good role models and influences so I try my best to follow in their foot steps.”

Sarah: “Most of them. My friends yes but the rest of them I wouldn’t want to know personally.”

Derrick: “Somewhat, they’re cool and all but sometimes they’re jerks.”

How do you like high school so far at LMHS?

Sabrina: “Its pretty swell so far, everyone’s are kinda fake and friends start drifting apart.”

Sarah: “I enjoy it very much.”

Derrick: “No I don’t, I’m ready to graduate and get outta here.”

If you could change anything that relates to privileges that majority of upperclassmen have  that underclassmen don’t have, what would you change?

Sabrina: “We don’t have many privileges and isn’t really necessary in my opinion for underclassmen to have them as well.”

Sarah: “I wish underclassmen would get out early with the seniors, maybe for school to end 5 minutes early.”

Derrick: “The fact that they get to leave and go off campus for lunch, i want to do that. Also that the only school dance we get to go to is homecoming, it would nice to have a spring and/or winter formal.”