FAKE PEOPLE Take Your Mask Off


All high schoolers are fake!!!!!!! There are so many fake friends when you’re a teenager it’s unbelievable. Why are people fake? They need friends, they need someone to cheat off of, they need people to start drama with because they’re bored. For their own enjoyment some people just play with others’ emotions as they’re being fake. Fellow Ram Olivia Boni said, “People just want more friends that’s why they’re fake. But when it blows up in their face and they’re called out about being fake they deny it and say ‘I’ve been your friend since day one.'”

As a definition, being ‘fake’ can be defined a few ways. Freshman Nicole Jaramillo said, “Being fake is not being a true friend.” Having fake friends hurts more than anything because you trust them and they don’t care. Junior Maya Gonzalez thinks, “Being fake is not being yourself, and doing stuff you wouldn’t normally do to impress people.” You can always make friends by being yourself.

Other people aren’t always fake, they just don’t want to hangout and lie about their reason of not hanging out with the person asking them. Freshman Brynn Witham said, “If someone asks me to hangout and I don’t want to then I’ll text my mom asking and then text her again ‘say no’ and then I just delete that text so the person doesn’t know.” Many teenagers do this because they don’t want to hurt the other person’s feelings. No one wants to be known as the jerk who rejects every offer to hangout.

Some fake people are kinder than others. For example, they don’t talk crap behind their “friend’s” backs. Brynn Witham said, “I don’t talk behind people’s back with other people at school, the only person I talk to about others is my mom.” This is understandable because if you talk bad about someone to a kid in your class, they could possibly tell someone else what you said and it’ll spread and that can be bad for you and how you are known.

However, some people are annoyed by people who are fake. For instance, if there’s a person who says that they don’t like someone at all in the beginning of the year and then in the middle of the year gets all buddy buddy with the person they said they didn’t like. It’s hypocritical of them to do.