Time Limits Suck!!

Time Limits Suck!!

Time to go play on your phone after a long day of school and BAMM! A big white screen pops up saying you ran out of time and you either can log off or ask for more time. You know that feeling if your mom or dad has put a time limit on your social media apps or even every app. Lake Mary Rampage asked a few students their opinion on time limits and if their parents agree or disagree with limits on social media.

Do you have a time limit on your phone and why?

“Yes, because I watch too much Tik Toks and don’t do my homework,” said Junior, Cade Taylor.

“Yes, my parents decided to put it on, so that I will stay more engaged at school and get good grades,” said Olivia Boni.

How long do you have on the apps and what apps do you have the time limit on?

“I have it on all my apps except communication like texts and calls. I have a 6 hour limit for the day.”, said Olivia Boni

I have 2 hours and 30 minutes on Tik Tok and that’s it.” said Cade Taylor.

Do you enjoy having a limit or do you think it is unfair for parents to control the time spent on your phone?

“I don’t like it because it gets annoying especially when you’re in the middle of a video or talking to someone on facetime. Also when on the weekends it is so unfair because that’s the time I have off.”, said Olivia Boni.

“I think it fair because I watch Tik Tok too much and I need to know when to stop and go do something productive.”, said Cade Taylor.

Do you become more productive and use your time wisely knowing you have that limit on your phone?

‘No, I just sleep when my time limits off. If I don’t reach my limit it will go off around 11.” said Olivia Boni

“No, because I usually just ask for more time and continue to play on it,” said Cade Taylor.


After hearing a couple of kids talk about the pros and cons of time limits. Let’s go to the people behind the scenes of time limits.


Do your kids have Time Limits on their phone, If not would you put it on in the future?

“No, they do not and at the ages, they are at, they need to be responsible for their time and learn time management.”, said Kim (mother).

What do you think of time limits?

“I do think that kids today spend a lot of time on their electronics and need to be more productive. Also, time limits are useful and a good idea if needed,” said Kim (mother).