The time I died doing a TikTok


“Let’s make a TikTok”, they said. “It would fun”, they said. It was fun at first until I hit my head on a metal bench. It was my friend’s birthday party when we went to Winter Park. We were having lots of fun taking pictures, eating food, and hanging out. It was time to go make caramel apples but first we wanted to make a TikTok. As we made the video I tripped and fell straight backwards, hitting my head on the bench creating a huge gash on my head. At first I blacked out for a second before realizing my neck was dripping blood. It felt like a dream and I didn’t believe it. Of course my parents had to pick me up and take me to the hospital instead of making apples, which I was pretty upset about. When we got there they had to put 5 staples on the back of my head, then the intern did a staple. The intern messed up the staple and had to put it in 2 more times. Then I got the most depressing news, I was not allowed to watch any form of technology for over week, this was the worst part of my experience. The reason for no technology was that it could give me brain damage, this was not good once we figured out I was severely concused. In all I learned not to do a TikTok next to a bench.