Lake Mary Teachers Are Wild!!!


Teachers at Lake Mary High School were crazy kids once, too. Let’s take a look at their wildest stories from their youth!

“The Homecoming Queen Gave Me a Black Eye!”

“As a Lake Mary High School alumni, I look back fondly at my day’s as the Powder Puff quarterback. Except for one occasion. During one of the games I took a particularly hard hit from another player, who just happened to be the homecoming queen! Afterwards while my team mates and I were cleaning up, I was having trouble getting some of the black eye makeup off. That’s when we realized it was a huge bruise! The homecoming queen had given me a black eye!”

(Mrs. Presti- Discipline)

“I Set My Arm on Fire”

“Long ago when I was a chemistry student rather than a chemistry teacher, I lit a match to light a Bunsen burner. When I tried to put the match out in the sink, I was greeted with a horrible surprise, the previous student had failed to wash away all of a flammable liquid and it ignited! A blue flame travelled up my arm, frying all my hair off in the process. It was terrifying, but my teacher couldn’t stop laughing!

(Mr. Miller- Chemistry)

“Go Noles!”

“Back when I went to Seminole High School, I was given the chance to mascot at one of the football games. For the next two years, I dressed up as Sammy at Seminole and had the time of my life. To This day, my close high school friends still call me a “traitor”for working at LMHS!”

(Mr. Jordan-English 4, Creative Writing)

“This is an Entry Wound!”

“There are two scars are my hand that I consider fond high school memories. One is an entry wound and one is an exit wound! In chemistry class, I was trying to push a thermometer through a rubber stopper. I must have pushed too hard, because it snapped and the sharp part became impaled in my hand! The class and the teacher were both in shock, and she sent me to the nurse immediately. Guess what the nurse did? She tried to put a bandaid on it!”

(Mr. Southworth- Drama & Acting, Stagecraft, Musical Theatre)

“Motorcycle in the Rain!”

“While I was a college student, I had a tendency to get homesick. Well, my boyfriend at the time took pity upon me and came to get me to bring me home, four hours away on his motorcycle! In was pouring rain the whole time, but it was absolutely thrilling. When I finally got home (soaking wet) around four in the morning, my parents were furious!”

(Mrs. LeBlanc- 2D Art, AP Art)

“The Staple Incident”

“When I was in high school and college, I worked at IHOP for three years. One night while I was waiting tables, my stapler broke. Young and naive, I struggled to fix it, eventually just pressing as hard as possible…directly into my thumb. I screamed. Oh I screamed. My table’s were mortified. My coworkers were mortified. I had a staple in my thumb. I excused myself and went back to the kitchen where one of the chefs saw me and asked what was wrong. After showing him the damage, he smiled and said “I can take care of that”. To my horror, he pulled out a huge cleaver! Then simply nudged it under the staple and lifted it out. All’s well that end’s well!”

(Mr. Schact- Algebra, Pre-Calc)

“We May or May Not Have Trespassed”

“When I was a student at Lake Mary, I had a truck. Me and my buddies loved to go mudding in our vehicles and one night we may or may not have trespassed onto someone’s property. Well, we certainly knew we did when we started to hear gunshots! The property owner had come out and began shooting at us! We drove away as fast as possible and luckily have all lived to tell the tale!”

(Mr. Mallory- English 3 & 4)