What is Your Cookie-Personality?


From the classic chocolate chip, to outrageous flavors such as oatmeal butterscotch, your favorite cookie can say a lot about who you are as a person. That raises the question: What am I like based on my favorite cookie?

Chocolate Chip: If your favorite cookie is chocolate chip, you’re a huge people-pleaser. You have pretty selective palette, and typically stick to your favorite things and activities. You love keeping things simple, but tend to not stray from your typical day’s tasks. However, everyone loves you and adores that you are always consistent in what you do. You are well appreciated by everyone around you and that will never change.

Sugar Cookie: If you like sugar cookies the most, you are an extremely flexible person. You are open to endless possibilities and shape yourself based on the people you are around. You are typically pretty calm, but the best gets brought out in you from kind individuals, especially when you get complimented. You often try not to take things to heart, but can be sensitive at the same time. You find it easy to focus on your interests, but might struggle focusing in school.

Oatmeal Raisin: You are an old soul with an open palette. You tend to be constantly exhausted and typically reach for whatever is in front of you, rather than anything farther ahead. You take things with a grain of salt, but you find it difficult to use empathy in emotional situations rather than logic. However, you are fairly comforting to be around and always provide friendship to those who could use it.

Red Velvet Cookie: You are a colorful personality and likely pretty fun to be around. People see you as the talkative one in class, and you enjoy that. You are outgoing, lovable, and just an overall great person to be around. You find it hard to focus on multiple things at once, but can hyperfocus if you try hard enough.

Fudge Cookie: You try to be creative and out of the box, but are just barely overpassing the line of normal. You try to make yourself known as different, but often hurt yourself trying. You are comforting and remind people of their good memories, but sometimes bring up bad ones too. You are often sardonic with your humor, but it typically gains a roar of laughter from your classmates.

Peanut Butter: You’re an intelligent person but also a bit stern. You struggle opening up with your emotions, but you bring a lot of love and warmth to the table when you do. You bring the people around you together just as much as you can push some away. Your personality is often very hard to decipher, but once people do, they appreciate your presence.

Snickerdoodle: Your personality changes with the seasons. You appreciate the fall and winter seasons, and often complain in warm weather. You find comfort in family scenarios, and see your friends as family as well. You treat everyone around you just as you would like to be treated, but can sometimes take out your emotions on the wrong people.

Shortbread: You are a very cut and dry person. Often sarcastic, your personality can be difficult to get along with. You are typically very factual and need a lot of exciting people to bring out your loose, fun side.