Dementia at 16? Brain Fried, No Thought, Just School


The stress from school is leading to dementia, but at an early age. The overload of AP classes and socialization problems due to covid are causing students to forget simple things like their age. While your brain makes space it throws out old knowledge like how to open a door. While talking to many students around campus most have confirmed that recently they have been losing important memories. 

Students have so many assignments due that many are slipping through the cracks because after finishing 4, 2 hour long assignments students forget there are more and are so relieved to be done. Until they get a zero for being late. This workload we deal with is nothing like school when our parents went which is why it’s so difficult to explain why students are so stressed to anyone except a fellow peer who is in the same boat. 

I compiled a survey asking whether or not students experience memory loss due to school induced stress and 73% of the students who responded voted yes. While some did deny experiencing this it was a smaller percentage. Student Hayden Jones said in a statement “My teacher assigned me an essay to write and I don’t even remember the prompt, I don’t even remember basic algebra from grade 7”. This is just one among many students who experience lack of memory because they have too many things going on and they feel as if their brain is frazzled. Another student, Lexi Christian, claimed that she “gets stressed out about an old assignment, then forgets to do a new assignment.” So many more students have stories about times they have forgotten about something important because of all the other important things going on in their life and in today’s society this generation is more stressed out than any other generation prior.