Bathroom or Outhouse? The Unruly Facilities at LMHS


Students claim when venturing into the vile bathrooms at Lake Mary High School they are faced with clogged toilets,water on the floor surrounding the toilets, overflowing trash cans and missing soap dispenser. This is a problem for many students because they are at school for 6 plus hours a day and claim they deserve adequate facilities.

At Lake Mary High School many students go to the bathroom but allowing students to go to the bathroom is not enough to keep them relieved. The cleanliness of the bathroom is a huge factor in what makes a student happy with the facilities. “When I go to the bathroom,” student Jacob Ingrassia said “I don’t expect to scrunch my nose up at the disgusting state it’s in.” With the paper towels littered on the floor and the abundant amount of water everywhere it creates a displeasing environment.

Another facility provided by the school is the water fountains which are a good alternative to paying for a water bottle, or are they? When I stood at the water fountain I didn’t expect to have my shoes soaked, but with the water shooting over the dish and spilling on the floor it’s unavoidable. If you do manage to find a water fountain that works, doesn’t shoot too far, and doesn’t shoot too little then you’re lucky, except you still have to deal with the gross taste of metallic water which makes you question if it’s really safe. “I go all day without water,” said student Hannah Kehoe, “ Then I have medical problems caused by dehydration, I could bring water but it’s just too expensive to get a water bottle everyday.” This proves the many problems with school facilities especially since we are required to be here for 6+ hours a day.