Is Valentines Day Overrated??


Valentine’s day, you either love it or hate it… no seriously there seems to be no middle ground on this topic. There are people who love it and some who just don’t understand the hype surrounding the holiday. With the holiday coming up I decided to ask the question is Valentine’s day overrated? I did a poll on my Instagram and after a little over 60 responses here were the results.

72% said yes to the holiday being overrated (47) and 28% said no to the  holiday being overrated (18).

After seeing this I decided to reach out to some of the people who voted:

  • Caterina “Katie” Palmetto voted yes, and she said, “I think Valentine’s Day is overrated because yes, it signifies love, but if you actually have someone you love you should show appreciation to them every day not just one day out of the whole year. We don’t need a day out of the year to show we love someone. Yeah it’s special and sweet but if you’re really in love everything is very special and sweet.”
  • Kristina “Krissy” Taylor voted no, and she said, “I don’t think Valentine’s day is overrated because it is a really nice time for you and your significant other. Though you should love each other all the time Valentine’s day really emphasizes it in a nice way.”
  • Ellerie Lusignan reached out and said, “I think Valentine’s day is a bit overrated but it is fun watching everyone’s relationships fall apart around the 15th (plus discounted chocolate).”

There’s a common theme I noticed, those who believe that Valentine’s day is overrated tend to be single and those who believe the holiday isn’t overrated tend to be in a relationship. It makes total sense of course taken people are going to love this holiday, they get gifts. With that, of course, single people tend to bat an eye to the holiday it has no real importance to them. So to answer the question, is Valentine’s day overrated? Your answer will vary from person to person but the majority of people seem to believe so.