Cheerleaders Banished to The Back of The Class


Destiny and her stunt group. Destiny is at the bottom left.

With Nationals and states coming up for the Lake Mary cheerleaders both Varsity and J.V have been asked to sit in the back off the class more than six feet from everyone else. With so many students, classes at Lake Mary are full and moving all these cheerleaders to the back isn’t reasonable for the teachers or the students.

Kylie Folda was one of the many cheerleaders who moved to the back and she saidm ” The only problem I have really had with it is not being able to see the board so I’m usually behind on taking notes. While I have gotten used to this and started just taking pictures of the board it’s still not easy.”

The cheer coaches started getting upset that girls would be quarantined with negative covid-19 tests so often. They felt it was best if they could just avoid quarantine all together by social distancing all the cheerleaders. Coach Black, the varsity cheer coach, went as far as to get the principal to back them up so that teachers would comply. However some teachers don’t think its necessary to distance these girls. A lot of the cheerleaders are close friends so when there all together it tends to get loud and distracting for the teacher. To bad for the teacher there is really nothing they can do and if they decide to move the girls they will get in trouble.

The real question here is should the school be helping out the cheerleaders if there gonna misbehave and chase a distraction while all together? This might benefit the cheerleaders and there ability to go to nationals but it could also negatively effect everyone else in the class if they can’t pay attention.

I interviewed Kiara Spinks about the noice level in her Spanish class now that all the cheerleaders are grouped together and she said “My teacher is always frustrated with them and it’s really loud in my class now and its hard to hear what the teacher is saying especially when your trying to learn another language.”

Therefore is putting the all the cheerleaders in the back corner really a good idea if its going to effect the rest of the class negatively?