Is LMHS purposely trying to freeze us to death?!


What’s the difference between a slab of beef hanging in a butcher’s freezer and me?  Not much apparently because my classroom is below freezing and icicles are forming on the teacher’s monitor as I write this.

Covid has changed where they have even put the temperature in school. Now that they are trying to keep everyone from getting sick, the county has started putting the temperature in schools down to (figure out what temp) and students are complaining. According to “Cold air doesn’t kill germs but it can keep them from spreading. Cold weather restricts the growth of bacteria.” Real question is is would students rather be cold 24/7 or have a small chance of not getting sick because of the cold air.

I interviewed Dr. Reynolds and Mr. Mcbry and what they said was shocking.

“The county doesn’t really want the temperature this high because of cost, I think the school is colder this year because we just got a new cooling tower installed,” said Dr. Reynolds. “Its not permanent and its not the district at all, we are still trying to make changes and tweaks to get it right.”

“Its also contributes that there aren’t as many people in the building, usually it would be 3,000 but this year we are at about 1,500,” stated Mr.Mcbry.

“Were you told to lower the set point?” asked Dr. Reynolds.

“No, the County has not said anything about the temperature set point, it’s more of what the correct temperature is for learning, which is around 73-77.”

At the end of the day, we got the opposite answer of what was expected and Covid had absolutely nothing to do with the temperature set point.