The Key to a Perfect Galentine’s Day


Valentine’s day, the time for love or whatever. The holiday most single people couldn’t care less for. But why? Why not take advantage of the chocolate hearts and poor-quality cards and have a Galentine’s Day!

All over social media there’s girls spending time with their friends for V-Day. The girls are each other’s valentines, baking pink heart-shaped cakes and going on a picnic- free of their boy problems.

“On Valentine’s Day the only plans I have are too sulk in my bedroom with the blinds closed devouring candy and being sad.” says Tattianna Hudson. She would much rather be out with her friends.

So, what to do with friends to distract from the loneliness? Here’s a list of options!

  1. dress up like men and go to a fancy dinner
  2. dress super fancy and go to target
  3. at target, buy eggs, use those eggs to decorate your ex’s house
  4. watch bad rom coms
  5. bake a cake, eat it, then regret eating it
  6. paint portraits of your friends
  7. tell your crush you like them, then act like you’re not hurt when they reject you
  8. don’t do that last one