How COVID-19 has affected teens


COVID-19 has changed everyone’s lives but teenagers have been affected in a unique way. Events that tend to be highlighted in many’s teenager experience are being canceled and our school life has been completely altered. I asked my Instagram (primarily followed by high schoolers), what is something COVID-19 took away from you? Here were some common responses.

Musical Theater productions were canceled. I saw a few responses of these responses from people who were meant to be in last year’s spring production of “We Will Rock You”. ¬†Obviously this was devastating for all the students as the cast was already announced and the rehearsals for the show had already started. This was meant to be such a fun experience as the musical included many hit songs from Queen. COVID-19 has taken away this show that was meant to be last year’s senior’s last show.

Prom being altered/canceled. Prom was changed to a dinner for the 2021 seniors and was completely canceled for the 2020 seniors. Prom is an event that is usually mentioned as a highlight in a teenager’s lives, senior’s during the Coronavirus times won’t have that. Social-distancing rules needed nowadays prohibits any prom-like event.

The entire school year was ruined. I had a few responses along these lines for a couple of reasons. There was a student’s who replied that are doing Florida Virtual and Seminole connect, many feel as though they didn’t get the full experience of the 20′-21′ high school year experience. Student’s going to physical school also have felt as though they didn’t get the full experience because of the mask-wearing, social distancing rules, etc.

Safe to say many feel as though they robbed in some factor because of this virus. Whether it was big social events or it was people’s academic life being altered, everyone felt some sort of loss.