I Found the BEST chicken sandwich!


For years now, Popeyes and Chick-fil-a have been in a rivalry on who has the best chicken sandwich. Chick-fil-a took the popular vote in having the best chicken sandwich, but is that because chick-fil-a is basic? I asked Callie, Tatiana, Mia, and Jaden all freshman at lake Mary and they all said chick fil a is their favorite fast food place. Chick fil a is very popular, but why?

I ordered the same thing from Chick-fil-a and Popeyes to see which one tastes the best. Chick-fil-a did not fail to disappoint


Presentation. Already, Popeyes looks a lot more tastier and homier. Although Chick-fil-a looks very clean it is lacking that homy feeling.

First lets start off with the drink. Sweet tea. Which is better? Popeyes sweet tea was a lot more sweet than Chick-fil-a’s. Both were great, but the win goes to  Chick-fil-a’s sweet tea because the sweetness is not overpowering. If you prefer your tea on the super sweet side Popeyes is definitely the way to go. It’s like sucking a sugar cube through a straw.

Now Fries


Popeyes fries were very seasoned and have a nice crunch to them. Again Chick-fil-a’s fries look very clean but nothing special stood out other than the fact they are waffle fries. It’s like top 40 music compared to gangster rap with Chick-fil-a being the lame music — not bad, but not really spicy either. Chick-fil-a has these amazing sauces, But do there sauces make up for the fact that their fries are PLAIN?. Both fries are good but Popeyes definitely takes the lead with their delicious seasoning.  If fries were a celebratory, Chick-fil-a would be Joe Jonas while Popeyes would be Nick Jonas.

The Sandwich

Lastly the most important thing. The sandwich. First lets start off with chick-fil-a. The Sandwich was really good. The bread was soft and so was the chicken. The pickles on the other hand were soft too and soft pickles is a no go. Imagine biting into a slimy soggy bread, That’s what the pickles tasted like… Where do I even begin starting with Popeyes. The bread was soft and so fresh. The chicken was soft and crunchy at the same time. The best part was the pickles, They have the perfect crunch to them and they are just amazing. Both are good but why settle for less(Chickfila) if you can have the best(Popeyes).

Which do people prefer?

Out of everyone I asked only 40% preferred Popeyes over Chick-fil-a.

Why do people prefer Chick-fil-a? Tattianna a freshman at Lake Mary says “There’s more flavor in Chick-fil-a’s sandwiches than Popeyes” Sebastian also agrees and says “Chick-fil-a is 10x better than Popeyes and a lot more efficient too.”