New School Mascot Idea

Sure, the Ram is fine, but what other options lie out there?


Ever since 1971, when Lake Mary High School first opened, the mascot for the school has always been the ram. The school has existed as a hub for the collection of locals known as “Ramnation”. But what would it be like in a world where things were different? Or what if Los Angeles suddenly had a problem with our choice? Is there another mascot out there that could represent our school just as well?

The Ram

Let’s start with what the ram means: historically, it has stood for determination, activity, initiative, and leadership, all strong traits of power. In the Zodiac sign, it stands for Aries, and symbolizes renewal and passion as well. The ram is also one of the most important revered animals, standing for Zeus, Apollo, and Hermes. A ram’s horns are said to represent mental faculties, reminding people to stimulate their brains and put energy into mental evolution. Fueling imagination and curiosity are also a part of this process.

Overall, this is a fairly good umbrella of traits for a mascot to have, especially a school. Not only does it encourage the strength that students will need going forward into the world, but the horn symbolism stands for the great function of a school. In one fell swoop, it seems a ram is a perfect choice, but what other options exist as alternatives?

The Alternatives


Bulldogs are a popular school mascot across the United States, representing even Yale University. They have strong connections to English culture, especially Winston Churchill. They also represent the Marine Corps, as it is common for Marines to use them as a symbol. Overall though, bulldogs embody patience, courage, determination, and family.

The bulldog takes a more reserved and united approach to what the ram stands for. Rams are showy about their power, almost making it what they’re all about, while the bulldog is patient. They also stand for more specific things, rather than just being a general idea. Unfortunately, their overuse takes away a special feeling from them, a key component to what a mascot is.


Eagles are also a common pick for American schools to use, like Greenwood Lakes Middle. It is the symbol of our country, and as such, schools wish to use it in order to cement themselves as part of the American system. As a symbol, this bird represents freedom, resilience, honesty, and leadership.

While eagles are certainly an important symbol, they don’t fully embody what a school is for, going in a completely different direction than the ram. They also lack personal connection as another common symbol, not even just as far as schools go.


The Hedge Hogs

Our cuteness as a student body is perhaps not fully captured by the whole Ram thing.  Hedge hogs are adorable.  They are unimposing but have sharp spikes if you try to beat us at football.  We’re also nimble, but not too full of ourselves.  Can you see the LMHS Hedge Hogs?  I can.


Horses are a less universal choice, but still with great meaning behind them. It stands for freedom without restraint due to their linkage in cultures, as well as movement and desire. Their spirit serves, but can’t be fully tamed. This is linked to their relation to mythological figures, such as Mars, the god of war, or Helios, the sun god.

Horses fall onto a far end of a scale, serving as a good symbol for what they stand for, but lacking more appropriate meanings to relate to an academic society. Instead, they end up meaning more to individual persons, which alienates the group as a whole together.

Final Opinion

With all being considered, the Ram is the finest choice Lake Mary could have made for a school mascot. It translates the best out of the given options for academia and stands proudly as a list of what the school has accomplished. Lake Mary, under the rams, is witty and powerful, exemplified in divisions like our sports teams and Brain Bowlers. Honestly, I wouldn’t have it any other way.