What are you doing for summer vacation?


Summer is right around the corner.  In just a couple weeks students will be going different places around the world for their vacation. I asked four of my friends what they are doing for summer vacation or where they are going.

Noah, a sophomore, said, “I am going to Miami for summer with my family and I get to bring one friend with me also. I have never stayed at Miami before or a hotel there so I am very excited to look around there.”

Maddie, a senior, said, ” I am going to the beach a lot and hanging out with my friends and then going to college midway through the summer at FSU. Summer means so much to me and where I go to on my free time because It doesn’t last for long.”

Reagan, a sophomore, said, “I am going to Tampa for a couple weeks with my cousins and we are seeing the aquarium there and the cool stores  and beaches and I am so excited to see my family I have not seen In a year.”

Joanna, a sophomore, said, “This summer I am going to New York with my dad and brother to see my dad’s girlfriend that lives up there. We are going to all of the cool stores and resturants up there and even seeing the empire state building.”

So where are you headed?  Leave comments below and share your upcoming summer vacation destination.