What is the BEST Monster Energy Flavor?

What is the BEST Monster Energy Flavor?

As an avid caffeine addict, I tend to drink a lot of energy drinks. Monster is my favorite brand of energy drinks, and I’ve tried several of the 22 flavors. Here are my rankings for seven of the most popular Monster flavors, and which you should try if you have never tried Monster before.


  1. Ultra Paradise


If you like the taste of dish soap, you’ll love this Monster. It is described as “kiwi and lime with a hint of cucumber”, but tastes quite far from that. It tastes as if a tropical body wash was trying to be a soda. The type of people to favor this Monster over the rest are the same people who enjoy room temperature milk. 


  1. Zero Ultra 


This monster isn’t terrible, but it certainly isn’t great either. If you’ve ever put sweet orange essential oil into a diffuser, this is what I imagine the water would taste like. Ultra Zero is the type of Monster that you drink when you have nothing better and aren’t craving coffee, but it is never anyone’s first choice. The flavor is described as a blend of “light citrus flavors” according to the Monster Energy website, emphasis on the “light”.


  1. Pacific Punch


Essentially, you’re drinking fizzy, caffeine-filled fruit punch. If you’ve ever had the fruit punch flavored ‘envy’ drink from the cafeteria, they taste nearly identical. I am not huge on fruit punch in the first place, but there are several better options than this Monster in terms of fruit-punch flavored things. Drinking this is a huge punch in the gut if you want something that actually tastes good when you want a boost.


  1. Ultra Violet


For being a zero carb, zero calorie, and zero sugar option, this one actually tastes pretty good. As a diabetic who is well versed in diet drinks, this one takes the cake in terms of flavor and presentation. Artificial grape flavors aren’t for everyone, but if you enjoy them, you’ll like this Monster just as much as I do. Not only is the flavor great, the can is well designed for those of you who collect your cans. 


  1. Mango Loco


The top three is pretty close cut, but Mango Loco lies in the number three spot for a reason. Mango loco is absolutely delicious, and has a beautiful can, but it is really sweet. Typically, artificial mango isn’t too overpowering, but if you’re drinking the whole can at once, this gets pretty strong. Overall it is definitely one of the best, and I reach for it every time I see it.


  1. Classic Monster

Nothing could possibly be better about the classic Monster. It gives me a sort of cherry-like flavor, which I really enjoy. The flavor screams ‘energy drink’ without trying, and that’s how I prefer it. If you aren’t fond of energy drinks, this isn’t the one to reach for first, as it is certainly an acquired taste. However, I really enjoy it, and the simple design of the original can. 


  1. Pipeline Punch


Pipeline Punch is my all time favorite Monster. It tastes like tropical sour patch kids, as it is flavored with passion fruit, guava, and orange. It is the perfect amount of sweet and sour, and my favorite to drink when I need the pick-me-up. The can is a gorgeous pink color and represents all the perfect things an energy drink should have. 


So which should you reach for if you want a good first impression? I would highly suggest Pipeline Punch if you want a sugary one, and Ultra Violet for a sugar free option. These flavors are some of the easiest to get used to if you tend to taste chemicals in drinks. 


Hopefully these recommendations are insightful and give you a better idea of what to drink when you try these flavors. If there are any other drinks you’d like a review on, let us know!