Why We Need Longer Bathroom Breaks!!


As we all know, teachers want us to have 5 minute bathroom breaks. In my opinion, I need longer than 5 minutes. My reasoning is sometimes kids need to go to the bathroom because either they need a break all together and decide to take one in the bathroom or they really need to use the bathroom and it takes over 5 minutes — you don’t know what that person ate or how their stomach reacts. Another reason I have is some people get away to the bathroom to let out emotions — maybe cry if they need to, because nobody wants to cry in front of people. Teachers should understand that. I asked some people what they thought and here were their responses:

Bethany Rose said, “Yes we need longer bathroom breaks because you do not know what is going on with someone internally.” You never know why people need to go and they shouldn’t have to be rushed or scolded for it. Now it is a problem when kids just go and want to go to different classrooms or walk around that’s not okay because then it takes away from kids who really need to go.

Overall, I think teachers should be more comfortable and accepting of the idea of a longer bathroom break that doesn’t take up the whole class period. You can tell which students need it and which don’t. For me, I get upset when teachers tell me ‘no’ because I’m just like ?????.  If I have all my work done, and I have good grades, and I’m not bothering anybody, why does it matter?