Do Bad Exam Grades Really Effect Your Future?


Yeah, they can. But should a few poor exam grades bring you down in life?  Absolutely not.  Obviously, getting good grades is important and they can open many doors for you like getting into a good school or perhaps convincing your parents to spring for a new car. However, life isn’t over with a few Ds under your belt.  Here are some career choices that do not necessarily need a good SAT score or a college degree:

Flight Attendant-

The average salary is 40k-100k. Per hour 12-40 dollars.

Fitness trainer-

The salary is 30k-90k. Per hour $22.

Physical therapist-

They make 90k. Per hour they make 36-45 dollars.

Professional Chef-

They make around 50k. They make $15 per hour.

Dentist assistant 

Their salary is 29k-55k. Per hour they make around 17-25 dollars.

Fashion Designer- 

The make about 40k-100k. They make about 15-34 dollars per hour.


These exams mess up students sleep schedules and they wonder why we fail tests, we don’t submit assignments, we get to school late, and we are super zoned out. These exams are overwhelming and stressful especially of all the homework/classwork we have. It all keeps piling up and we can’t keep track of all of these exams. Studying for these test takes time to remember these topics but not fully retaining it. Most teens aren’t good test takers because of anxiety and being distracted half the time. Some test taking advice is getting enough sleep, making sure you study but for a limited time, make sure you eat 3 meals a day, and drink enough water. These examples have helped me in the past, but I’m still working on being a good test taker.