Your Cat Can Get Covid


COVID appears to have a new friend – cats. Recently, COVID was found in big cats like tigers and lions. Some experiments has found that when cats get COVID, they can infect other cats too.  Yes, kitty COVID is a thing. If your cat goes outside and catches COVID from his buddy cat, then your beloved pet can bring it home to you as well.  It might even be worse due to any mutations that occur from within the cat.

Mr. Miller, honors sophomore chemistry teacher, had the most practical answer, “I’d take it to the vet.”  However, we all know that there is no kitty vaccine, so that might not be the most effective response.

Sophomore Ellie Kos had another idea, “I’d put the cat to sleep if they were in pain because it would be a more peaceful way of passing instead of something more aggressive.”  While this would solve the COVID problem, kitten murder may not be the most humane solution.

Cousin Amanda had a different opinion in mind, “Make sure she had lots of food and water available. I would also give her extra snuggles and make sure her favorite places to lay were filled with extra soft blankets.” Although this is nice to do, this isn’t going to help with COVID.

Considering that cats get COVID, shouldn’t they have to wear masks too?  If we can get a mask on a three year old, then maybe it’s practical to put one on a cat as well.

Sophomore Hannah Meador said, “Cats shouldn’t have to were mask because they can’t decide for themselves if thy have to wear it or not unlike humans can. Also they will most likely annoy cats and not staying on anyways.” This is true but then how would we stop them from spreading COVID?

Cousin David had a similar opinion saying, “Cats shouldn’t wear masks because they don’t like people and stay away from them anyways. Cats love to social distance. This is true and could help cats prevent from spreading it to other humans and animals.”

Amanda had a different idea, “They should because the owner can start a business making them with different cute patterns.” It can be benefit to the humans because they can make money but would anyone buy the masks?