Why Tik Tok Isn’t As Good As It Seems


A lot of teenagers and kids have TikTok mainly because famous people have it and they want to be a part of being famous. Sure it has great content a long with some useful videos that people find very useful, but each upside has a downside and for TikTok, it has a lot of downsides but I’m only going to be covering two.

First small downside is that it doesn’t improve anything for people themselves. While it does have educational videos, not a lot of TikTok users actually watch those videos. From it seems, they mostly watch lip sync videos or comedy videos. Those are fine but the viewers don’t really benefit anything from it except entertainment. That is normal for pretty much any social media, having educational things and not a lot of people view it. Which is why this isn’t a huge problem with TikTok.

This is where the major downside is which is the community itself. The TikTok community have created incredibly dumb and dangerous trends. ┬áThis includes the “blackout challenge” where you have to choke yourself until you blackout. Not only is the trend pure dog water, but it has killed many children who wanted to be TikTok famous. Another TikTok challenge is the “Kiki challenge” (Kinda old but still). This hell of a challenge involved getting out of a moving car, dancing to Drake’s song “In My Feelings” (thus the name Kiki challenge), and jumping back in. It’s pretty self explanatory and I’m surprised people did it enough for it to be a trend. Luckily this trend didn’t last long. Another “challenge” that wasn’t real trend was the Coronavirus challenge. It happened in the beginning of the pandemic in 2020 where some Miami girl licked an airplane toilet seat. Luckily this was a hoax, she licked a “clean” toilet seat and “trolled all of America”. Should have ended there but some other piece of dry potato decided to try and make it a trend and licked a public bathroom toilet seat. Man tried catching fame, only to catch the virus.

If you made it past the dumb trends and had enough common sense not to do any, then the app itself isn’t all that bad. It has funny videos and others that seem ok. People have different taste and enjoy different things so not everyone is going to like it. Im still not downloading it though, knowing that its the app where people lick toilets for fun.