Why Do People Do Dangerous Tik-Tok Trends


Stop reading this right now and go jump out a window into your pool.  Still here?  Why?  If this was a Tik-Tok video, you might consider it depending on how many views the video had.

Black-out challenge is one of many dangerous trends that you might see on tik tok. But why do teens want to do something dangerous? Sadly there have been a few fatalities due to this trend, but kids are still doing it.

I interviewed some people to ask about if they think these challenges are dangerous. Freshman Starlyn said, “yes and no because most of the trends are actually fun and cool to do with your friends and the rest of the trends could be dangerous like the crate challenge, some people fall off the crates and could really hurt themselves so there’s so many other trends that have caused negative outcomes.”  The emphasis seems to be on the ‘fun’ part of the challenge rather than thinking about the dangers.  Bianca, a sophomore of LMHS and she said, “I think they could be if you don’t know what you’re doing.”

Brooke, another sophomore of LMHS said, “I think it is dangerous because it is putting a person life at risk for likes and views.”  This was a minority opinion though.  Most kids just seemed to focus on the fun part and didn’t think about why it could possibly hurt them or others. This might be the problem.  Teens are so into having a good time that perhaps we don’t think about what could actually happen that would be negative.

Adult brains act different then kids do. In kids brains, they are still developing and are not always at the same rate. Children’s brain are twice as active as an adult brain. Children’s brains aren’t always going to know if that thing they are doing is necessarily dangerous or not if they think it will be fun to them.