High School Moments That Make You Want to Scream!

High School Moments That Make You Want to Scream!

High school is bad enough but sometimes you get those hopefully rare moments when you want to hit your head against a wall.  The Rampage has captured those moments for you.  Do you agree?  Share your worst moments in the comments below.

A sophomore named Hannah Meador said, “kids who make out or are all over each other in the halls and slow walkers. This is because there is a place and time for kids to do that kind of stuff and it’s not in a school, and also people who walk slow prevent other people from getting to class on time.”

Junior Andrew Morgan said, ” I hate when teachers say “the bell doesn’t dismiss you, I do.” It is so frustrating because the bell rings for a reason and I do not want to be late to my next class because you decided to hold me in your class.”

Freshman Luke Prieto said, ” I hate having assigned seats with people I am not friends with. I also hate when people take bad pictures of me and post it  or when my teacher makes fun of me when I get a bad haircut.”

I hate it when people use filters, when we have assign seats, when people walk slow in the hallways, kid who are all over each other in the hallways, when teachers say you can’t go to the bathroom. Also, when my phone autocorrects, toxic people, when my phone dies.  The list really is never-ending in high school.  Sometimes complaining is the best thing we can do to relieve the stress.