Lake Mary football’s biggest game.


The lake Mary Rams are 7-0 and looking for more. This team just beat Lager Palm Coast and have the biggest match all year this week. They play the Sanford Seminoles Friday night @ Seminole. The team has been playing great football all around but the defense has been standing out making plays and causing turnovers. Lake Mary played Seminole in the spring and lost 28-10 they are looking to get revenge on them. The noles are 7-1 and are looking to ruin the rams undefeated season. A lot of talk on social media has been going around with comments and post about school and players. This is a rivalry and is going to be the biggest game of the year. The rams come in and want to prove everybody that they can beat the defending state champs. Seminole are the defending state champions and are looking to repeat. They have talent on there team and have shown they can beat the rams by doing it last spring, but this is a new rams team and not the same team we saw in the spring. This game is going to be a good one two good teams fighting to earn bragging rights for the school. Students at Seminole and Lake mary have been talking trash online showing how big this game really is. There is going to be lots of people at this game and the starts are going to shine in the biggest game. This is more then a game it’s a battle between schools and students are excited for this game.  Luke Prieto a freshman says, “it would be great to beat Seminole Seminole because we haven’t beat them in a very long time and would be great for the school.” Ryan Roesbaum a junior says “it make us feel like the giants in town instead of being towered over by Seminole like every other year.” Seminole has bragging rights as of now as they have won the last matchup in the spring. Lake Mary principal Dr. Reynolds even made a bet with Seminoles principle. This is high school football at it’s best, two teams that are very competitive looking to prove a point to each other. It’s gonna be a good matchup to watch and probably the game of the year for both teams