Lake Mary vs. Seminole


Today is the game of the year, 7-0 Lake Mary will be facing off against 7-1 Seminole today at 7 pm at Seminole High School. Seminole is top 20 in the states led by the Henderson brothers, Goldie Lawerence, and Donta Whack. Lake Mary is ranked inside the top 10 in the state and is lead by some key players such as Stone Boss, Braeden Marshal and Gunnar Smith.

This game has some key implications on the district. Whoever wins this game has the number one seed heading into the playoffs and will likely be frontrunners to win the district. The game will also be one of the most high energy games that you will see all year since it is so heavily anticipated. The estimated amount of attendance for the game is will be well near 10,000. This includes all of the scouts, student sections, parents, and spectators. Both teams student sections will be packed since the game is right down the road however I predict that Lake Mary will have a much better turnout since the Rams tend to have more spirit then the Noles.

Seminoles strong suit and pretty much the only thing that they can do is run the ball and throw it to four star Florida commit Goldie. Three star running back Donta Whack is 5’1 205 and can really run the ball. Goldie is 6-4 190 and will be matching up today against Lake Mary’s Braedan Marshall. Their quarterback like usual can’t throw the ball to save his life. He has the dream for every high school. Good sized strong o-lineman, a good running back, and explosive wide receivers. Even with all of the weapons and protection that he has he still can’t do anything with the ball in his hands. He has a weak arm and can only throw crossing routes, he is a huge liability to their team. Luke Rucker should not be a starting quarterback at any high school football team much less one of the best teams in the states.

Lake Mary’s strong suit is by far their defense unit with key pieces such as junior Braeden Marshall, senior Stone boss, and senior Brock Brown. The entire defense is very well coached and disciplined, and they don’t make many mistakes. The team is very experienced with 9 out of the 11 starters being seniors. They are all ready for Seminoles high powered offense tonight. The offense has explosive pieces as well such as junior rb Manquez Lang, USF commit Gunnar Smith, and lightning quick trackstar WR Marckel Jones.

This game will be very high powered and will produce a lot of energy from the crowd on both sides. The two teams will likely face off with one another once more in the playoffs so this won’t be the last matchup of the two teams. The game is voted game of the week in all of Florida, and kickoff will be at 7 pm.