High Schoolers Who Don’t Know What Worms Do?!


You probably will have the occasional thought once in a while; you see a worm dead and dry lying on the sidewalk and think: “Hey, what do worms even do?” Or maybe you’re thinking that is such a stupid question only an idiot could think it, so thanks, because I thought of the question. However, for those of you who also don’t know, this is for you.

Here’s what we really know about earth worms, or Lumbricina, the scientific name. Worms live in dirt, they have eight hearts, they reproduce asexually, and they die really easily. What we don’t know: their life purpose, why they need eight hearts.

So, I asked a few people what they thought worms did.

Some thought worms were pointless:

“I think they’re completely useless and there’s no point of having them on this Earth. All they do is die.” says Tattianna Hudson.

“They just die and crawl.” says Elaina Loria.

Others guessed they had to do with nature:

“I don’t know they help with plants or something.” says Kiara Spinks.

“I’m pretty sure they fertilize the soil.” says Jordan Warnke

In some parts of the world, worms are used as a protein and calcium source in food… or just eaten for fun. Gross. In Japan they even make worm pies! Would you try worms for dessert? In Venezuela, earthworms are as much of the food supply as chicken!

Earth worms eat fungi in certain soils. When making burrows they pull residue into their burrows which mixes “organic matter” into the soil which is good for it. Worms increase the amount of air and water in the soil. They leave behind stool which is a really good fertilizer. In other words, worms help farming a lot. Therefore, next time you see a worm, know that means you have healthy soil. And maybe if you see one drying on the sidewalk, help him out and pour some water on him, he’s trying his best.