Update on The Girls Weightlifting Team

Update on The Girls Weightlifting Team


The season for the girl weightlifting has been looking really good lately. The female weight team had two wins against Seminole and Lake Brantley. In the Seminole vs. Lake Mary dual meet; Kira Nishinaka, Alexa Mandujano, Katy Graica, Avery Curtis, and Nayely Ramos, this lady have gone first place in their weight class. In the Lake Brantley vs. Lake Mary dual meet, it was a close call but Lake Mary still won. The girls who got in first place and got us the most points were Tegan Dawn, Jenna Skibbe, Katy Garcia, Lilly Ryan, and Avery Curtis. Earlier this week, they went against Lyman, unfortunately losing by 10 points, But Tegan Dawn, Loriana Ziccardi, and Nayely Ramos got first place in their weight class.

Senior Dedication

There a couple of seniors on the team this year: Alexa Mandujano, who’s been there since sophomore year, as same Katy Gracia. Cynthia Rojas, Alexandria Gingold, and Nayely Ramos who joined last year but have been doing amazing progress. Every day the girls get stronger and become an influence for the younger girls on the team. Jayda Lanes said, ” the seniors are amazing and I look up to them, I’m going to miss them when they leave :(” Avery Curtis agreed as well.

Upcoming Meets

The girls have a meet this Wednesday against Hagerty. They are going to be competing on snatches, clean and jerk, and bench. Good luck for the girls and lets get first place. And for next Wednesday, they will be going against Lake Howell. Both of those meets will be starting at 4. They will be having their SAC Championship meet on the 15th next month.