Lake Mary Middle School — That’s Us Guys


You would think that high school and middle school are completely different from each other. I mean, middle schoolers range through the ages of 11-14 and high schoolers range through the ages of 14-18. Despite that, the two levels of school are weirdly similar. Students aren’t “growing up” anymore, they’re staying the same in every way.

Students don’t seem to be growing out of their immaturity anymore. It’s usually expected that by at least sophomore year you’d have grown out of your immature ways. However, even here at Lake Mary High School, we can see that isn’t the case. This school year alone there have been over a dozen fights – sometimes a few a day. The students participating in them weren’t just the young freshies either. Luke Prieta said, “I literally have friends who will fight you over the smallest thing. It’s crazy.”  Another example of high schoolers’ childish manners was the infamous devious lick challenge that occurred this year. Students in all grade levels were stealing bathroom supplies…for fun. Maturity just isn’t a thing in high school now.  Why would you destroy a bathroom that you need to use between classes?

We also expect teachers to not penalize us for late work or to give us half credit for not turning in stuff.  This is great, but seriously, are we really that sad?  I don’t see us as adults not showing up or maybe not turning in job related work, then expecting to get paid.

Socially, middle school never left us either.  You would expect boy’s in high school would be able to talk to a girl in a normal fashion. Nope. Hadyn Ayers said, “Every since I’ve entered high school boys only hit on me by asking for my snap.” That’s sad fellas. Grow up.

High schoolers’ are also not maturing look-wise. Every year the new class of freshmen looks younger and younger, it’s creepy. This is partially because every new class that enters the school seems to be shorter than the last. Nevertheless, it’s also because many people aren’t changing their style anymore. Most high schoolers’ are rocking the same style they’ve had in middle school, maybe even elementary school.

The moral of the story is, don’t get your hopes up for high school. Your classmates probably won’t mature for another 6 years and everyone is going to look the same. If you’re lucky they might grow a bit but that’s all. High school is nowhere near as sophisticated as it’s made out to be, it might as well be middle school’s identical twin.