What Friend Are You?


Got Friends? We do too. Actually, most are imaginary, but there are a few actual ones too. From our extensive research, we’ve discovered that they fall into five notable types. We conducted an extensive, huge, scientifically accurate study to help you learn which friend type you might fall into. I mean not really… we just took some of our closes friends and asked them if they are this friend and explain why. It was pretty nice learning about why my friends are really like this and learn more about them and their situation.


The aggressive one- The one who always hits you when they are talking or screams and shouts profanities at you. They make a lot of dark messed up jokes and no one quite understands them. The aggressive crazy one of my friends would be Chloe C. “So yeah I’m the crazy friend….. If you come for me I’ll absolutely hit you back, but physically. I feel like that’s fair though… I come off aggressive mainly because I’m an Aries.”


The one who never answers their phone- Whenever you try and call this person they never answer. They usually are sleeping or “sorry I was talking to my mom” and trust me they weren’t talking to their mother. I even use that lie when don’t want to talk to someone….. This friends name is Yanieliz “Hi yeah I really don’t answer my phone because social media to me is very toxic to the point where I never wanna be on my phone. Other times, after a whole day of socializing my time at home is my time to be alone.”


The nosy one- This friend always knows what’s going on with EVERYONE. I mean everyone. When you’re trying to have a separate conversation they are always listening in. They are a really great friend but needs to learn how to mind their business sometimes.. Her name is Jane “I’m pretty nosy but in my defense everyone tells me a lot of drama or its just on social media. I always have dirt on everyone who hasn’t liked me or talked behind my back.


The Narcolept (the one that is always sleeping) – They will fall asleep anywhere. They could probably fall asleep standing.. with their eyes open. You try to have a conversation with them about something serious and they just say, ‘yeah….’ ¬†and fall asleep. They never hang out because they are sleeping. You could call them and they’ll answer and be like “yeah… no I’m- I’m awake…. *Snores* ” So you really can’t depend on them for crap. Her name is Avery. “I think I actually have a sleeping problem. I go to sleep pretty late maybe around 3ish and my sleep schedule is messed up. I rarely get enough sleep or I get too much sleep and I’m even more tired.”


The one who has the most energy – At the weirdest times they have a burst of energy. Seems like they drank 5 energy drinks before coming to school. One time she ate so much food she threw it all up and had so much energy after that and ate more. She sends the group chat so much videos of her self when she gets home and we really don’t understand how she has so much energy. This friends name is Ava. “I do have a lot of energy but its just because I want people to be happy and laugh but I realize not everyone is in a good mood since they are in school. School isn’t the funnest and I get really annoyed but I don’t want my friends to worry about me when in reality I’m really not liking school. No I don’t take energy drinks I’m just a really happy person and I love making my friends smile.”